I want to play every bar I can on Tybee. Do a Tybee  tour in December, January �, February 2017-18 my “JudeMichaels Tybee Island bucket list tour” 
These are the Bars i have now & more to SCHEDULE

Might only get to 5 in December & more in January
Basically I’m doing 20 or so little benefits around the island to keep me busy and help pay for my anti-rejection 

medicine Zortress 0.75 MG twice a day it’s about 25 bucks a pill.

I’ve played A. Plethora of benefits for other people.

Before I get too sick, and I can’t do it.

I want to do benefits for myself

Been Going through this for almost a year, if you’re blessed enough that I could provide entertainment to folks rather than going to a third-party like a lot of people do in my situation. 


I’m sure I’ll Up booze sales everywhere I go, and a lot of a Folks are looking forward to it,

 Since I haven’t played on Tybee since before my liver transplant last October 22 / 2016

It’s going to be a fantastic looping show with my electric cello guitar & hand drums, I know the Island’s gonna love it.

If you want to hear what I’m doing there’s a bunch of live music on my website.


Around the middle of the homepage, theres music all over it but the live stuffs in the middle.

Eric from Poos wants me too start at Huc Poos in end up down there or switch it up I’m not sure.

Basically I’m just getting the OK right now then I’ll put together a schedule what days it would be cool. Any day the week is fine.!

You might think it’s crazy, hope not. I think it’s going to be hilarious and fun .

I play all over the Low Country so why

Not play all over Tybee.

I’m not going down easy. I’m not depressed.

I’m just focused.

I think it’s gonna be fun entertaining Show. Of comedy and 🎶 Music. Keep my mind off of life for a minute and put me on Tybee⏳⌛️time.

​I’m thankful to all that I’m still here, from my donor May he rest in peace, to the people that of help me financially.

Now it’s crunch time for me it seems like it never ends.

From two hip replacements to taking cancer of my lip and eye.

 I am going through medium rejection. which I’m in the middle we can go either way..

But I look great! ha ha

I’m on a new drug called Zortress The  $1800 a month drug that the insurance company is paying for for one more month. It took me three months to get it approved through Humana. Now at the first of the year I’ve got a wait another 3 months and get it approved through Ambetter I hope. not sure about them . Looks like I’m gonna have to pay out-of-pocket unless I can work a miracle.

But due to the added rejection drugs my lungs have now stranded out a cancer which hopefully I’ll get that taken out before my insurance ends.

But don’t give me wrong I’m thankful I’m here, & Happy Thanksgiving & i’m looking forward to a Merry Christmas and happy New Year’s to all!


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