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Going through what I've been going through this last year has given me a lot of time to evaluate my life. 

I've had a lot of friends over the years. Most of the friends I met and I still have are people I met with things in common, and I really had no agenda why I was friends with them. We just became friends. I think it makes people nervous about me because I literally have no agenda.

I wish if the Music scene wasn't so alcohol related.

When I first moved here in 1985 The first place I played with Port Royal, then Mate's bayou Café. Goodfellas, Exchange tavern. I was the first entertainer and band to play the warehouse.WG Schuckers, 606 café , 

Thanks to my due diligence I am playing wear alcohols no longer sold and it's all about the music for the most part, although I miss the smaller venues I was say is much healthier for me. When I first started playing music in Savannah I turn into a full blown alcoholic I never drank before I came to Savannah from 1990 to 2000 was a total blur. I must say people said I was entertaining ha ha


I never drank when I was younger. I never drink in high school.  I didn't start drinking till I moved to Savannah and I drank heavily for 10 years.

And then I quit drinking and doing drugs, and I had to take another look at some friends and ask why were we friends? Because clearly  they were truly annoying, without drinking that we had in common was really no point.

I've always been an artist and my number one goal is to complete my art, perform my art & Live my art.

To me that's always what it was about what I am about.

Some of my artist friends seem to be more into the party then the practice, into the scene and the machine & money then the true art of it.

But then I have some diehards artist friends that truly inspire me and help keep me on the path and I'm really lucky too have them.

Coming to a point in your life are you almost die you have to make life choices not been able to walk it is pretty much ended many many relationships, and friends have fallen to the wayside.

But I'm truly happy with that because I think the friends I have now, are truly my friends.

And then we come to your opportunity friends people you are friends with because somewhere deep down side you know you don't like them but they can help you. To explain it better the kind of people that would not have liked you if you if you didn't have talent or something they wanted to help their social status. You know the Rich guy that has social status has a couple rockstar friends that they try to throw their name around so their friends will be impressed with them. when down deep the rockstar/talented friends probably really don't like them they just use them for what they can get out of them. And the cycle goes on.

The rockstar talented folks remember a time when they weren't a rockstar but had talent, and remembered the same untalented rich person with social status that never would've liked or wanted to be seen with them before they got social status and money.

And the cycle goes on.

I guess the moral of the story is choose your friends wisely, try not to have an agenda. And truly stick to your morals and beliefs to try not to sell yourself out.

I guess how big of a smuck you are is how much of a gray area there is between using someone to get ahead and keeping your morals.

I'm guilty of using people myself and continue being nice to those people knowing I hate them, is hard . Because I know deep down inside I'm being nice them because I know I used them to get something I wanted or to gain social status with certain people..

And then there's the friends that treated you like total shit, And you remain friends with them because they had something someone or something or social status. Knowing deep down side, you really can't stand them.

Well I'm finally back to the island at at my house.
I survived a liver transplant, some major complications at first they nicked an artery, I had to be rushed back in the OR. and then three weeks later I had a abscess. I think that's where the artery was nicked,pain‼️
I went back into the Emergency at MUSC & then icu for 7 days and I just got out of the hospital again last week.
A lot of pills 16 in am & 7 in PM and my home IV I take every day for the infection but starting to come out of it.
My liver enzymes are elevated and can't figure out why. They're trying different things and There checking my blood work daily now. Hopefully it'll go down on its own and it's just be one of those things. Plan B- they might put me on some kind of steroid &.do a biopsy, but we did an ultrasound and liver is working fine. 
The abscess is getting smaller and they've taken out the drain tube and I'll be on my anabiotic IV for seven more days.
Crossing my fingers
I'll be back 100%
I can feel it
So far I've been
cured from Hep C
Totally ‼️ not a carrier totally out of my system.‼️
It's as if I never had it.
That's the biggest miracle of it all.
I've had a double hip replacement!
Cancer taken off my lip!
Liver transplant!
Ha ha I've had some work done lol 
recording soon when I get back on my feet
Mrs Molly had a stroke, or arthritis but she's walking slowly, getting better on the mend as well staying at a friends house in the county.
It's gonna take me two months to recover. I have to go back to Charleston once twice a week to get checked out,. $60. Co-pay per visit starting to add up just praying that my liver enzymes go down the liver is operating well.
I need to start performing & playing out but have to heal first & teach somebody how to set up my show. Bills are piling up my insurance has doubled. It's gone from $75- to $245 & now $525 per month
I'm glad I got all the stuff done before this insurance thing go's nuts!
But I'm alive and I'm here‼️
I want to thank all my friends for everything and all the help. There's no way I could've gone this far on my own.
This seems like this is the hardest chapter financially of getting through this recovering , with all the traveling and co-pays and with my new insurance starting up first of the year. & New deductible here we go 2017
Thinking about putting on a show to try to raise funds, if anybody have any ideas let me know.
Not out of the woods by any means yet, but so glad that I'm further down the road to where I'm at NOW

may 29, 2017

So i now have a Squamous Skin Cancer on my left eyelid and left hand. seems like injuries like my left hand where a IV pick line was poorly done has turned to cancer. and my left eye had a stye, and turned too cancer as well. 

​most likely do too my anti rejection drugs lowering my Immune System. we will see how the plastic surgeon does with my eyelid!

I truly love my life.  I'm happy to have the talent and live the life I've lived from running away from Muncie Ind, when I was 14. To now living on Tybee Island has  been a never ending fun filled journey I think a book is in order.

........ From playing the cello in the third grade in Muncie, Indiana to Tybee I have literally come a long way. I landed at savannah in the late 80’s. I have been a regular act at a plethora of places for the past 20 years, although I can hardly be called the “house band”. I prefer to expand my audience base by playing in relatively nearby venues, and afar  – New York, Chapel Hill SC, Fla, Ind, Charleston, Hilton Head, Atlanta and downtown Savannah. As I put it, “Why put your eggs in one basket when you can put them in thirty baskets?” The son of the head of the Music Department at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana (alma mater of David Letterman), I have been involved in music basically my entire life. Sadly, my mother is deaf and has never heard me play. However, there was never a problem having band practice at my home.XD  I started with the cello, later mastered the bass and some piano in elementary school and played in the school orchestra in fourth grade.

At age 14, I ran away from home to play in a rock and roll bands. Got married at 16. to lori , it was great lasted 3 years .. but found that I had to have a day job and could pursue my music at night.I had no contact with my family for several years, but returned home around the time of my 18 th birthday (mainly to get my prized cello). In California, I learned to play guitar literally “on the streets”. I later went to a ski resort in Colorado played cello with Rick Coker, and then on to Chicago,played bass in a gruve blues band, then off to rehab in muncie Ind..I know :) ...... . During my time in Atlanta, I got involved with landscaping THEN got married again. to Sindy. It lasted 4years...I know!!!!! ,and my music was on hold – mainly playing on weekends. my instrument of choice at that time was the guitar and he played numerous little bars in Buckhead, Decatur and Little Five Points. During my landscaping career, the Governor’s mansion was a client. and it was there that my music career was really launched. I got big private parties and was able to devote my energies full time to music. my son past away , got a divorce, quit my job,,I know!!!!!....... In 1991, I went to Hilton Head - thinking “this is the place to be”. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a “commercial wasteland” and I ended up on River Street in Savannah playing at just about every bar there . !!!!!!!!!!!.......................................

.......Met a new girl leigh '' great person'' that lasted 4 to 6 years got engaged of course never got married. Thank GOD I was fit to be tied at that point in my life!, and looking back it was for the best . It has been said, she gave our baby up for adoption , never knew till 4 years later..so no my son should be 18-19 years old. Heard she married now and happy and happy 4 her, still would like to find my son...if there is one?......I know!!!!!!!!!! I found Tybee Island and lived in an RV at the campground until I purchased a home in 1999. I continue to work sporadicaly in Charleston, Hilton Head, Atlanta florence, columbia, Fla and downtown Savannah; . I continue to travel and travel, and found my home is on the road. Tybee Island is where I have lived for the last 20 years. My solo shows, provide comic relief in addition to the music. Apparently, I had aspirations to be a comedian, but bombed badly and did well, lol. I now have some gigs at colleges, where I showcase my original music. This arrangement works well with MY appearances at the clubs doing solo shows, which are one to two weekends per month , and the rest of time with the 4 bands I play cello with, and dont forget the weddings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do well with playing weddings , just don't do well in them..And have some Great girls in my life!!!,, and some not so great OMG !!! .LOL. Plus I teach cello,bass and guitar........

I am a believer of the fact that “you never know who is in the audience” and that special musical connection could occur this way. My music is also played on numerous XM radio stations and on WRHQ on special request Sundays. My album "Hopeless Causes" is for sale on iTunes and seem to be for sale on iTunes will be "2189 live at City Hall". I am most interested now in songwriting and expects to have a new CD out within six months or so,"Buttons in a Ball Jar". Or 
Empty Ball Jars.

I describe the music as “Americana” – a combination of folk, jazz, rock and roll. I realize that my music requires a special niche in which to thrive, but I am not planning to compromise my music in any way. a “Renaissance Man” who has returned to the design aspect of landscaping and also has been buying houses, fixing them up and selling them. I do all the work myself and am quite proud of my accomplishments.lol,, and not so much the time I wasted LIFE.

My website http://judemichaels.com 

This site has a bunch of 
"LIVE RECORDINGS" and I've included also my best STUDIO RECORDINGS as well. Folks need and idea of what you sound like if I were to come and perform for them. So many times I have heard recordings of artists, and then hear them live and I'm disappointed. 
But I also feel that the virtual reality world of recording is important as well. Sooooo
Coming soon my new album is going to be all the bells and whistles, tricks and overdubs, & a creation of virtual-reality. Something I've stayed away from but, embracing as I move forward with my new LP. all interments will be played by my self, but guest & Greg Walker on Drums will be in the MIX.;-)

I have been involved in music my entire life.  I sing and play a variety of instruments,Guitar, Hand percussion ,Cello, all at the same time with the help of looping samplers. Starting with classical Cello, in my hometown of Muncie, Indiana, now a Local Tybeenian, I have spent 20 years traveling the country and mastering the art of my profession before settling on Tybee Island, Georgia. I have been a regular, longtime performer at a myriad of Southern Weddings and gatherings in the Low country  area.

My live dinner Show reveal where the song builds and then WOW people realize what song it is.

My Night club Show, is a heavey hitting one two Looping wonder, with one on one interaction with the crowd.

My Band Show is just FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!! and all the above!

Playing at Z2  in Savannah 3 to 5 days a week for 2 years has refine my show. I have tweaked my equipment and record the total experience of my show on three albums of great music in a live situation that I will be able to sell on the road & on line.   I built & building quite a substantial client list and customer email base for Savannah.
 FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY as a rule, I travel to different areas (i.e. Atlanta Metro area, Charleston, Buford, Bluffton, & Hilton Head the Lowcountry Area - Raleigh Durham, Chapel Hill, DC and the West Palm Beaches) to do shows in similar venues.   

Available for GIG opportunitys in Savannah, MONDAY-THURSDAY, need your BAND RECORDED? your band or solo or duo trio.. I've got the gear, LINE 6 stagescape mixer. It records the mix AND channels so you can REMIX  &  WILL TRAVEL   ✈️ 🚗 🚞 🚀    I finally got this website right with slide show and reverb nation player on Home page, with new looping songs to Old studio hits.-SONGS ARE FOR SALE NOW 👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️👍♥️👍                 PLUS outher pages have a "Go Daddy" player with music that represents the Page.OLD-NEW-PAST&PRESENT/Cello playing Nirvana to Bach 🎼 AND DON'T FORGET THE EVENT RENTALS PAGE!!!!!!!

AND now Specialty Hand Pruning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my biggest passions that I've always done is landscape design.

 I did landscape designed at the Governors Mansion to Pace Academy, Woodruff arts Center in Atlanta Ga.

But now that I'm Tybee Folk.

I'm offering a little of my talent to the island. If you have a situation like this on the Island Mon.  I love turning oversize shrubs into Teatree forms. Red tip . Big over grown hollys, Crate myrtles, wax myrtles, any tree. I'm a tree pruning artists. I don't mow grass, I don't clean gutters, I really don't want to do your design. I want to be your plant stylist, and perform hand pruning on your most precious loved landscape.

Keep your yard guy keep your landscape company! I'm a specialist.

No palm trees please👍

So going through what I've gone through for this last year, don't be surprised if my Facebook friends list gets smaller. Because I'm over agendas. I just kind of want to tell people what I really think of them every minute of the day.

I'm finding it harder and harder to hold my tong.

I am so glad that I have Purged all the negativity out of my life.

All the people that tried to bring me down, and shut me out is truly a godsend. I am truly free and truly happy for the first time.

No longer do people's actions have a hold on me. For there is no click I belong to. No group I long to be with. I am truly happy with my Friends and the people I've met who  truly bring me inspiration.

And I feel they know who they are, that goes without saying.

I grew up in Muncie Indiana, and now I happen to live on Tybee Island Georgia. That's just the way things happened. I have no more  connection to Muncie, Colorado, California, Arizona or Florida.then I do Tybee. Although I must say I love Tybee.:-)

I have no allegiance to this bar or that bar. This restaurant or that one. This group of people that of a group of people. I try to find the good in all of them. And ignore the bad and move on. I guess I've always been mostly a hobbit, my whole life alone roaming, moving from place to place, group to group never attaching myself to any. Somehow I feel a certain Joy in that.

I'm FREE---:-)

You meet people who forget you. You forget people you meet. But sometimes you meet those people you can't forget. Those are your 'FRIENDS.'♥️

Guess It's completely impossible to find friends who won't ever hurt you, so im going for friends who will make the pain worthwhile.❤ like ️ MY FRIENDS👍, there the BEST👍

Lately, just been a little crabby, XD I see the Rainbow! 🌈 love it ♥:-) ️🐢🔜

Peace Love & Happiness Love & Happiness 

Love always,