• a-In the summertime 8:09
  • a Moon dance4:59
  • c-Me and Julio7:46
  • Word up6:25
  • Cry baby cry5:27
  • Pinch me7:50
  • e-Here comes the sun7:19
  • b-Blackbird5:57
  • Pave Paridise7:01
  • h-One more cup of coffee6:12
  • i-Can't find my way home3:00
  • h Smells like teen spirit4:44
  • j-Pinch me7:18
  • d Angel from Montgomery 5:23
  • c I got sunshine2:50
  • d-Cry baby cry5:11
  • j Wild world6:47
  • g Redemption song10:30
  • i After midnight4:52
  • k Dear Prudence4:45
  • b Sweet baby James3:42
  • l-Smells like teen Spirit 2:39
  • Positively 52 street5:45
  • Losing my religion8:15
  • f Don't think twice4:11
  • Traffic3:13
  • e Use me up8:43
  • g-Pave Paradise5:40
  • f-Diamonds on the soles of her shoes11:54
  • k-Word up5:37
  • Wagon Wheel5:18
  • Pick me up2:52
  • Stir it up5:06

Home Page

❤️Peace Love & Happiness

This site has a bunch of 
"LIVE RECORDINGS" and I've included also my best STUDIO RECORDINGS as well. Folks need and idea of what you sound like if I were to come and perform for them. So many times I have heard recordings of artists, and then hear them live and I'm disappointed. 
But I also feel that the virtual reality world of recording is important as well. Sooooo
Coming soon my new album is going to be all the bells and whistles, tricks and overdubs, & a creation of virtual-reality. Something I've stayed away from but, embracing as I move forward with my new LP. all interments will be played by my self, but guest & Greg Walker on Drums will be in the MIX.;-)

I have been involved in music my entire life.  I sing and play a variety of instruments,Guitar, Hand percussion ,Cello, all at the same time with the help of looping samplers. Starting with classical Cello, in my hometown of Muncie, Indiana, now a Local Tybeenian, I have spent 20 years traveling the country and mastering the art of my profession before settling on Tybee Island, Georgia. I have been a regular, longtime performer at a myriad of Southern Weddings and gatherings in the Low country  area.

My live dinner Show reveal where the song builds and then WOW people realize what song it is.

My Night club Show, is a heavey hitting one two Looping wonder, with one on one interaction with the crowd.
My Band Show is just FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!! and all the above!

Playing at Z2  in Savannah 3 to 5 days a week for 2 years has refine my show. Ive been on the road since then having a blast.

 I have tweaked my equipment and record the total experience of my show on three albums of great music in a live situation that I will be able to sell on the road & on line.   I built & building quite a substantial client list and customer email base for Savannah.
 FRIDAY-SATURDAY-SUNDAY as a rule, I travel to different areas (i.e. Atlanta Metro area, Charleston, Buford, Bluffton, & Hilton Head the Lowcountry Area - Raleigh Durham, Chapel Hill, DC and the West Palm Beaches) to do shows in similar venues.   


July 1 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Available for GIG opportunitys in Savannah, MONDAY-THURSDAY, need your BAND RECORDED? your band or solo or duo trio.. I've got the gear, LINE 6 stagescape mixer. It records the mix AND channels so you can REMIX  &  WILL TRAVEL   ✈️ ðŸš— ðŸšž 🚀    I finally got this website right with slide show and GoDaddy player on Home page, with new looping songs to Old studio hits.-SONGS ARE FOR SALE NOW 👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️👍❤️👍♥️👍                 PLUS OUTHER PAGES have a "Go Daddy" player with music that represents the Page.OLD-NEW-PAST&PRESENT/Cello playing Nirvana to Bach ðŸŽ¼ AND DON'T FORGET THE EVENT RENTALS PAGE!!!!!!!

Peace Love & Happiness Love & Happiness 

Love always,

JudeMichaels                        SNEEK PEEK OF NEW CD                                                                                                                                                              

                                                 BELOW ON PHONE TO THE RIGHT ON

             COMPUTER;all insturments played by jude

Peace Love & Happiness

Jude Environmental INC. 

Living & Music Services

  • The Garden3:03
  • Que Lastima5:28
  • Lyin'6:40
  • Bad Boy4:47
  • Stop Lovin' You4:20
  • Stranger3:44
  • Simple Guy3:02
  • Round & Round3:55
  • Just A Lie2:39
  • Fall3:28
  • Heartbeat3:58
  • River Song10:33

  • Me & This ol Town 10 12 174:23
  • Cafe Loco 10 16 174:19
  • Lady Lay Down 10 12 173:42
  • To Late to ComeAround 10 12 174:22
  • Hang Tight 10 12 174:40
  • Traffic 10 12 173:46
  • All Over Town 10 12 173:55
  • Chased it Away3:37
  • Chased it Away & Vocal3:38


  • River Song6:10
  • Bad Boy6:33
  • Dawg6:31
  • Cafe Loco6:16
  • The Garden4:47
  • Que Lastima9:47
  • Hey Landlord4:54
  • Valdosta3:35
  • Cafe Loco4:28
  • The Garden3:16